5 Simple Steps to Easily Pay Your Andhra Pradesh Electricity Bill Online

Andhra Pradesh, the rice bowl of India, is known not only for its rich cultural heritage but also for its focus on digital and financial inclusion. In line with their digital approach, the Andhra Pradesh Southern Power Distribution Company Limited (APSPDCL) has turned their tedious and time-consuming electricity bill payment process into a smooth, effortless experience. Gone are the days when one had to queue at electricity offices to pay their Andhra Pradesh electricity bill. It can now be done within minutes, with just a few clicks.

Let’s look at five easy steps to perform your Andhra Pradesh electricity bill payment online.

Step 1: Log in to the APSPDCL Website or Mobile Application

Begin by visiting the official website of APSPDCL. Alternatively, you can also download their official mobile app. The app has a user-friendly interface that enforces a swift navigation process towards your Andhra Pradesh electricity bill payment online.

Step 2: Click on Online Services

Once you are on the website or the mobile application, navigate your way to the ‘Online Services’ option. This services section dispenses various utilities, including new connection requests, complaint registrations, and of course, the avenue to pay your Andhra Pradesh electricity bill.

Step 3: Select Electricity Bill Payments

Under the ‘Online Services’ section, find and click on Electricity Bill Payment. A new page will appear. Here, you will see a range of options that allow you to make your electricity bill payment online.

Step 4: Enter Your Details

To initiate your Andhra Pradesh electricity bill payment online, input your Service Number found on your bill. After entering the Service Number, click on ‘Submit’. The screen will show the outstanding bill amount. Cross-check this amount with your physical or electronic bill to ensure there are no discrepancies.

Step 5: Choose Your Payment Method and Confirm

APSPDCL provides customers with a variety of payment options including debit/credit cards, internet banking, and various UPI platforms. Choose the option that suits you the most and go ahead to confirm the payment. Post successful completion, an e-receipt will be generated, confirming your Andhra Pradesh electricity bill payment online. You can save this e-receipt for future reference.


These five simple steps have made the Andhra Pradesh electricity bill payment online a seamless and convenient process. However, for those seeking even more ease and security in their transactions, there is a safe and smooth alternative available – the Bajaj Finserv BBPS platform (Bharat Bill Pay).


Using the BBPS platform and downloading Bajaj Finserv app not only ensures secure transactions but also provides numerous benefits to its users. The platform is interoperable, meaning you can pay for any utility bills, not just your Andhra Pradesh electricity bill. Moreover, its integration with various banks allows customers to make payments using their preferred bank’s application or website directly.


The navigation on the BBPS platform on Bajaj Finserv is simple and straightforward. Choose your utility provider as APSPDCL. Next, input necessary details like the Service Number. Following this, you will see the amount due on your Andhra Pradesh electricity bill. Check the amount, select your preferred payment gateway, and complete the transaction. The receipt generated may come in handy for future correspondence.



In conclusion, the traditional long queues and time-consuming processes of electricity bill payment have taken a backseat, making room for quick, efficient, and straightforward online processes. With options like the BBPS platform on Bajaj Finserv, utility bill payment solutions are only evolving to become more user-friendly and less time-consuming, while offering top-notch security to keep your personal data protected. Embrace digital convenience and enjoy a smooth electricity bill payment experience.

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