Advanced Treatment for Hair Loss: DMC Root Restore Therapy

Hair loss is a common condition faced by many. Among the various treatment options for hair loss, one advanced procedure gaining immense popularity is Root Restore therapy. The best root restore therapy in Delhi is available at a leading hair restoration centre, DMC Trichology. Let’s learn this in detail.

Overview of Root Restore Therapy

Root restore therapy provides the best technology integration, resulting in considerable hair restoration while preventing additional hair loss. To reverse hair loss, the procedure combines microneedling, laser therapy, and various particular hair growth stimulants. The method is effective, rapid, and painless.

Reasons to Choose Root Restore Therapy

  • Suitable for both female and male pattern hair loss.

  • Minimally invasive with no downtime.

  • Restores thick hair.

  • Natural-looking results

  • Improves hair health and eliminates scars.

  • Enhances hair growth and effectively addresses serious hair thinning.

  • Increases hair density, reversing hair loss, and enhancing hair diameter.

  • The results are natural.


How is Root Restore Therapy Done?

Step 1: First, blood is drawn (like with a blood test) and transferred to a sterile tube. This tube is spun at extremely high speeds within preset constraints.

Centrifugation extracts the essential growth components from the blood. These growth factors include cytokines, epidermal growth factors, chemokines, fibroblast growth factors, insulin growth factors, and vascular endothelial cell growth factors.

Step 2: The scalp is cleaned, and low-level laser therapy is directed at it. Laser therapy is useful because its varied wavelengths activate epidermal cells, boosting hair follicle renewal.

The laser light causes vasodilation and increases blood circulation, ensuring a proper supply of nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles.

Step 3: Growth factors generated from centrifuged blood are pumped into the scalp via microscopic needle pricks to reach the deeper layers and aid in reversing hair follicle miniaturization.

Topical anaesthesia is used to keep the patient comfortable during the treatment.

Step 4: Finally, micro-needling is performed, forming small microchannels on the scalp to allow for the absorption of the nutrient-rich solution while activating the scalp regeneration mechanism.

Growth boosters produce neovascularisation, which improves the hair’s ability to mend and grow, making it healthier and more dense.

Contact DMC Trichology for Hair Restoration

One can consult Dr. Nandini Dadu at DMC Trichology for hair restoration treatments. The centre is recognized for offering hair restoration and hair loss or fall solutions. Those with extreme hair loss or baldness cases can also get a hair transplant. The centre offers advanced hair transplant procedures such as FUE and FUT, and its signature technique is DMC-Golden Touch. The natural results offered have made DMC Trichology known as a top hair transplant clinic in Delhi.


Visit the clinic located in Delhi at Rajouri Garden (West Delhi) and Vasant Vihar (South Delhi).

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