Crowning Glory: The Art and Science of Hair Transplantation in Dubai

Are you worried about hair loss? Learn about the Crowning Glory: The Art and Science of Hair Transplantation in Dubai and book us right away for Hair Transplant in Dubai(زراعة الشعر في دبي). We ensure to provide you with the most effective and permanent results!

Hair Transplant!

Hair transplantation in Dubai can be done under local anesthesia. Your surgeon may offer general anesthesia as a comfort measure if they plan to transplant a large number of follicles, which could take the entire day.

The donor site will either provide a long strip of scalp skin or hundreds or thousands of tiny punch incisions through which hair follicles can be extracted. The donor site wound will be sutured shut using the earlier method. After undergoing meticulous preparation, small groups of hair follicles will be implanted into tiny holes in the recipient location. 

It takes a lot of time and attention to transfer over enough follicles for the desired effect. You may require several sessions to achieve the full head of hair that you desire.

Hair transplant is not suitable for:

According to the experts at Tajmeels Clinic, Candidates who are perfect for the treatment are as follows:

  • Women who have a generalized pattern of scalp-wide hair loss

  • Individuals who lack sufficient “donor hair sites” to harvest hair from Individuals

  • Individuals experiencing hair loss as a result of autoimmune disorders or medications like chemotherapy 

After the Surgery

  • Bandages will be applied to the treated regions for a few days.

  • Antibiotics and painkillers will be administered to manage discomfort and prevent infection.

  • Your surgeon will examine your wounds and grafts in the clinic.

  • You will receive an update on when you can resume gently shampooing your hair.

  • Avoid pressure or damage to the treated regions during the recovery period.

  • Refrain from using chemicals such as hair dyes and styling sprays.

  • Avoid physically demanding sports like swimming.

  • You should be ready to resume your regular activities after two weeks.

  • It is anticipated that two to three weeks following the treatment, the transplanted hair will fall out.

  • New hair typically begins to grow back starting in the fourth month and becomes denser over time.

  • The full outcome is usually evident after a year.

  • The candidate might need more than one treatment session.

  • The subsequent appointment will be scheduled several months later to allow the transplanted hair time to develop and thrive.

When are the results noticeable?

During the course of treatment, patients frequently notice greater thickness, new growths, and decreased volume of hair loss. Following therapy, a dermoscopy is frequently performed to demonstrate increased hair density and shaft size compared to prior to treatment.

Understanding the Risks

Hair transplantation is a minimally invasive procedure without major side effects. Risks include:

  • Bleeding

  • Infection

  • Swelling and bruising

  • Numbness on the treated areas of the scalp

  • Inflammation of the hair follicles (folliculitis)

  • Failure of the hair follicles to survive and regrow

  • Undesirable outcomes, including unnatural-looking tufts of hair and insufficient density of hair growth

Note: Depending on whether you have enough hair left at the donor scalp locations, you might need to repeat the surgery in five to ten years if you continue to lose hair over time.

It is best to have a private conversation about risks and potential surgical problems with your plastic surgeon. 

Hair Loss Treatments and Scalp Health

Hair Therapy is a trichology centre dedicated to hair loss and scalp conditions treatment. Its suite of treatment plans targets male and female hair loss, premature grey hair and scalp conditions including itchy, oily, dry and dandruff scalp. 

Additionally, its selection of herbal extracts and polypeptide solutions, aided by modern trichology applications, the treatments are designed to address hair and scalp issues holistically at their roots to secure results that last. 

Get a Healthy Scalp and Fuller Hair Naturally

Having established a solid foundation in traditional medicine, is reputable for treating scalp conditions and natural hair loss.

Our Integrative Hair Loss and Scalp Treatment is based on the best medicinal plant and herbal extracts, therapeutic head reflexology, and contemporary trichology applications to support effective hair dermal papilla cell development and regeneration, resulting in healthier, stronger, and fuller hair growth.

In addition, there is a natural remedy for every problem, including hair loss, hair regrowth, inhibiting premature grey hair, and restoring ideal scalp conditions. 

Natural Therapy for hair loss and scalp disorders is the preferred option for many seeking a non-invasive and side effects-free solution, achieving a healthy scalp and stronger hair naturally.

Advanced Hair Loss and Scalp Treatments

As part of its ongoing commitment to treatment innovation, Hair Therapy Dubai offers top-notch polypeptide and ginseng callus stem cell solutions. These solutions target scalp rejuvenation to fight diseases that cause premature greying and hair loss associated with age.

Both men and women may experience the terrible effects of hair loss and thinning, which can be caused by a variety of causes including heredity, hormone fluctuations, and scalp disorders.

Whether hair loss is temporary or genetic, getting a professional diagnosis and using therapies that have been shown to work will help you regain your confidence and natural hair growth.

Both men and women with hair loss diseases might benefit from Hair Restart laser hair growth therapy. This mild, non-invasive laser stimulates hair follicles that have gone inactive, regenerating the scalp and encouraging the creation of new hair. 

Laser Hair Growth Stimulation VS Hair Transplant

There are several choices accessible, and you could be unsure about one to choose. Generally speaking, laser hair restoration is a useful technique to stop additional hair loss and promote hair growth for thinning hair. However, a more radical remedy, like a hair transplant, might be necessary for those who are already bald or have severe hair loss. Learn more about the hair transplant procedure we provide.

Do not hesitate to make an appointment for a consultation with one of our experts to determine the best course of action if you are unclear about the kind of therapy to choose. 

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