How can I improve my LNAT score?

It is incredibly beneficial when taking the LNAT to get a clear idea of what constitutes an acceptable score as it provides you with something to set your sights for and get better toward. But, this isn’t as straightforward as it appears and will be contingent upon your LNAT portion, university that you’re applying to and the date the test was conducted. If you’re looking to know what score you should aim for during your LNAT test practice as well as in the actual test, keep reading to find a helpful and informative overview of LNAT scores.

This guide divides how to break down the LNAT Educational Institutes in Dubai to Section A as well as Section B. after you’ve got an idea about which portion of the application you submitted is strongest and weakest and the approximate scores you believe you will be able to get, you will be able to come back to this guide and evaluate your score against the marks of the respective University. We also go over the extent to the extent that each University takes into consideration LNAT Scores. So, whether the LNAT can be considered one of your strength or something you’re more concerned about This LNAT Scores Guide will help you determine which universities to apply for as well as the Universityis the most likely consider the application..

LNAT Scores – Section A, Averages and Universities

Let’s get started with the basics… What does the average LNAT test taker achieve on the LNAT test?


The typical LNAT score is around 22/42 which equals 52 percent. This implies that since the LNAT is an extremely toughtest however, you don’t need to be striving for more than 80 as you’re familiar with from school exams. Instead, you should aim to score over the standard and in line with the scores that students who passed the test got at their selected university.

TOP TIP! Be rid of any thoughts about getting a soaring score in the exam (In 2016 only 2.2% of Oxford Uni applicants got more than 34/42). Instead, think of the LNAT as a benchmark test, it is only necessary to cross the mark required to be considered for the most prestigious university …

Let’s look at the scores you require for each university. Utilize this LNAT scores list to determine the top university you’d like to attend and then note down the marks you’re supposed to aim for …

Oxford LNAT Score

Oxford – 29

The mean score for Oxford is quite high, averaging between 29 and 30.

But, don’t panic! There’s additional information about this Oxford admissions process, and while having a high LNAT scores in section A are essential, however, they will also take a look at Section B as well as your personal statement as well as your performance in an interview..

Strategies from a former Oxford Law candidate …

“I scored 28/42 on my LNAT and was awarded an offer to attend Oxford University. My scores increased through practice, but the results were never uniform. In the beginning, concentrate on improving your scores more than trying to get an elusive magic number that can be achieved with practice and experience. Remember the importance of all different aspects in the selection process.”

The LNAT scores: Top London unis and Durham (University College London ) and King’s College London)

The best London universities are highly competitive and demanding with regards to LNAT Section A. In general, you will be getting an average score of … 27, (KCL) or 27 (UCL or Durham)

UCL, KCL and Durham do not have interviews, so it’s likely that they give a significant amount of importance upon your score on the LNAT as well as your anticipated grades. If you believe that your LNAT as well as your marks are likely to be the most impressive portion of your application, and you are looking for a place to study, then UCL, KCL or Durham might be a good option for you.

Birmingham, Bristol, Nottingham, SOAS and Glasgow

These Units are slightly more accommodating when it comes to the requirements for LNAT Scores. However, you still have to score a higher than the average, however these unis will usually accept a score around … 25.

If you believe that the LNAT could not be the most important element of your application it is possible that one of these schools may be the right choice for you. If you’re especially concerned about the LNAT, then University of Glasgow might be the best option, as their average is less (around 23,). However, keep in mind that the score you receive on your LNAT will continue to increase with time and confidence, so be sure to do it If there’s an uni that you would like to attend and is higher in average that your score don’t be afraid to put it on the list as one of your choices.

How much does it really need to be?

It all depends on the university however the most important aspect is that LNAT scores aren’t the only thing to consider. In 2016 Oxford Uni turned away an applicant who scored 36/42, and admitted an applicant who scored 9/42. This demonstrates that an LNAT score of 9 is remarkable but universities favor applicants with a wide range of skills who score well on the LNAT, and have more to offer with their personal statements, school grades and in their interview.

LNAT Scores Section B What is the significance of the essay? What counts as a high score, and which universities focus particularly on section B?

LNAT Section B of LNAT is designated in accordance with …

  • Attention to the Question

  • Critical judgment

  • Distinctions

  • Clarity

  • Relevance

  • A sustained and targeted approach to concerns

  • The ability to recognize multiple avenues of argument

You will then receive an amount of points, which can go up to 100 percent. This scoring method is like the scoring system used at University. At University 70 percent or more is considered to be a first 60+ is an 2.1 50+ is an 2.2 and 40 percent the is the third. Don’t be worried, universities do not expect that you compose a top-quality essay in the LNAT. The average percentage that was scored for The University of Oxford (A leading Law University) was … 63 percent

It will be difficult for you to evaluate your essays on your own as you won’t know which grade you’re going to receive. However, you can look at the examples of writing assignments that are available at the LNAT site for an idea of what to expect from an essay that is of a high standard …

LNAT Sample Essays

When you’ve an idea of whether your essay will be strong or weak to your submission, look at this LNAT Results for Section B reference, which will let you know which universities take the greatest interest in and least about your LNAT Score for Section B …

Universities which seem to care much about their essays …

Oxford University, University College London

Universities that take a little about a little about their essays …

  • University of Bristol (60% weighting on Section A 40 percent of Section B’s weight)

  • King’s College London

  • University of London

  • University of Nottingham

  • University of Glasgow

SOAS (Usually only taken into consideration if you score lower than 24, in Section A)

Universities which don’t take into account essays …

  • London School of Economics

Summing up …

Here’s a quick table that summarizes all of the LNAT Scores in this article.


What marks should they be looking for in the section A of LNAT’s Scores

What are the expectations to pay LNAT section B, Scores?



A lot



A lot



A bit



A bit



Not at all



A bit



A bit



A bit



A bit



A bit


Learning about LNAT Scores can be more difficult than it appears. There are a lot of things to take into consideration. Remember you will find that your scores will increase and what you will receive in the end could exceed the results you receive in your practice (See our blog posts for top strategies for Section A and Section B). It is generally an excellent idea to think about the things you believe will be the most effective and weakest areas that you have submitted to your university and then use this LNAT Scores Guide to choose the school that cares most about the areas you excel at, and less about those that are more challenging for you. However, don’t get too focused, every aspect of your application is crucial and almost all universities consider the LNAT as a crucial element in the process of applying; however, it is not the be-all and final word.

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