How Does Turkish Airlines Name Change On Ticket Policy Work?

Turkish Airlines requires its passengers to have a valid first, middle, or surname on their flight booking and it should be identical to their travel document or a government-approved ID. If the name on the ticket has been wrong due to a typo error or you have changed your maiden/married name due to legal compulsion, you ought to immediately place a Turkish Airlines change name ticket request to get it correct. The airline can restrict you from boarding the flight if you don’t fix the name before departure. Read the information below to understand the name change policy in detail. 

What Rules To Follow For Turkish Airlines Name Change?

When requesting a name change/correction request, consider the following points. 

  • You are allowed to rectify the misspelled name (up to two letters) on the ticket. 

  • Also, you can correct/add/remove a middle name on your flight booking as per your travel document or government-authorized ID. 

  • Travelers can change a name due to marriage, divorce, or any other legal compulsion. Also, the name change request must be backed by a marriage license, divorce decree, or new and old government-approved ID.   

  • The Turkish Airlines change name ticket policy is applicable to all fare types, irrespective of service class. 

  • Swapping of passengers on the ticket is strictly restricted. 

  • The name change policy is applicable to single-traveler reservations. In the case of group booking, it will be applied according to the conditions of the contract. 

Types Of Name Change/Correction Turkish Airlines Accepts

Turkish Airlines permits travelers to request a name change or correction in the following situations. 

  • Minor Mistakes: Travelers can alter common spelling mistakes up to two letters in the first/middle/last name, inverted names, and nicknames on the ticket. You have to submit a valid government-approved ID for validation. 

  • Add/Remove/Correct Middle Name: If your middle name is mentioned in the legal documents, it should also reflect on your flight ticket. The airline lets passengers correct/add/eliminate a middle name on their tickets. You must request the airline to issue a new PNR. 

  • Name Change Due To Marriage/Divorce: Turkish Airlines name change on the ticket is allowed only in case of legal compulsions like divorce, marriage, or adoption. However, in such a situation, you need to submit documents, including a divorce/marriage agreement or court order, to justify the change. 

Need Help? Contact Turkish Airlines Customer Support 


Travelers can easily modify or change an incorrect name on their flight ticket by adhering to the Turkish Airlines name change on ticket guidelines. To facilitate the name change process, the airline has online as well as offline options in place. If you have any query or issue regarding name modification, you can connect straight to the airline’s customer support at 1 (800) 874-8875. Furthermore, dial +1-800-865-1848 to talk with a flight expert and get your issue solved instantly. 

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