Rent a Car in Dubai | Exploring the Dubai Frame and Zabeel Park

The land of the rising skyscrapers and sweating deserts, the pride of UAE, Dubai is charming the world with its unique cultural complexity and new-age architectural brilliance witnessed by millions of tourists each year. Among the greatest tourist interests is car rental so as to best explore the city of life. Anyone who is trying to organize their travel to this amazing city will likely type something like Rent a car Dubai once in a while. Friends traveling by a rented car enjoy the kind of liberty they like to have while exploring the city’s individuality and taking a closer look at the attractions. This is because there are essential places of interest that tourists should visit; the Dubai Frame and Zabeel Park.

Why Rent a Car in Dubai?

Renting a car in Dubai provides several advantages:

Convenience: Public transportation is available, although if you really prefer using your own car around the city, it will be as easy as pie.

Comfort: Yes, drive a car with an air conditioning system as a solution to the challenging summer heat.

Exploration: It let explore less known places and areas, which are not easily seen if you are a newcomer or a tourist. Even for self-moving services, there are numerous companies with different types of cars, from luxury cars, midsize cars, to economic cars.

The Dubai Frame: The Present It is thus evident that each society in the three regions, namely, the Mediterranean, the North, and the South, has access to a gateway to the past and the future. The Dubai Frame, another marvel of architectural wonder in this city, is located in Zabeel Park. This enormous paver of rectangular form presents a rhomboid view on the skyline of this friendly city and acts as a bridge of transitional period between the old and the new Dubai.

What to Expect at the Dubai Frame:

Stunning Views: The framed glass-aluminum bridge at the top of the frame offers expansive views of the old and new zones of the city. On one side, you can see the older neighborhoods with more substantial houses and lawn area for children to play in front of them than children of today are accustomed to. One side depicts the ‘classical’ design, and the other side captures the ‘magical glass’ of modern high-rises.

Interactive Exhibits: On the inside, tourists can immerse themselves into energetic presentations that can detail how a small fishing village has evolved into a modern ultra cosmopolitan city of Dubai.

Sky Deck: The SkyDeck level enables visitors to have a round view of the city since there is no roof restriction.

Tips for Visiting:

Best Time: Recommended time to visit: it is advisable to visit the park in the morning or in the evening after midday when the sun is gentle and perfect for snapping beautiful pictures.

Tickets: Buy the tickets before you go to purchase it to avoid exhaustion from the long queues.

Zabeel Park: Practical use of aluminum in the construction of a green building in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city can be categorized under this idea. Located near the Dubai Frame, the Zabeel park is one of the stylish and largest parks that are available in Dubai. It is perfect for a vacationing and summer destination.

Highlights of Zabeel Park:

Botanical Gardens: Visit well-tended landscapes displaying tropical greenery, flowers, trees, and shrubs for sightseeing.

Recreational Facilities: It has been developed as one of the best park equipped with many sports amenities such as the cricket fields, sidewalks for jogging, and fitness stations.

Children’s City: An interactive theme park for children with exhibits for play and learning, a facility with a planetarium, and a fun learning facility where children can learn through games, simulated learning, and workshops.

Boating Lake: Take a paddle boat for a ride on the lake, swimming is prohibited on the lake.

Picnic Areas: Many of these places have some form of shade making it a perfect place for the family to have a picnic.

Getting There:

Parking: People can easily and freely park when they hire a car, including a rental car. There are some parking spaces that are available within range of the park.

Accessibility: There are several ways to access the park and they include; by road, this is perhaps the easiest since the park is situated a few kilometers from the central business district.

Always aim to make the most of your visit: Never introduce an accident or create an obstacle to the smooth flow of work without a good reason.

Having visited Zabeel Park and the Dubai Frame on the same trip, spectators can wonder about the variety of kinds of attractions that Dubai offers. This is actually possible when you have hired a car for your transportation needs because it will enable you to move around at your own convenience without swearing from one form of transport to the other.

Final Tips:

Hydration: A very important thing that people should always ensure that they possess is water especially during summer season.

Sunscreen and Hats: Stay out of the direct sunshine – wear sunscreen as well as a protective hat.

Plan Ahead: When traveling from one place to another, it is convenient to use a GPS or a map application.


Rent a automobile Dubai isn’t always only a convenient choice but an invitation to discover the city’s treasures at your own pace. Whether marveling on the architectural marvel of the Dubai Frame or enjoyable in the serene environs of Zabeel Park, a apartment automobile guarantees you make the maximum of your Dubai adventure.

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