Simple Strategies to Select the Right Sound for Your TikTok Video

There is no doubt that the world of TikTok thrives on captivating visuals. But what plays an equally important role in grabbing attention and enriching a video is ‘Sound’. Exactly! Choosing the right soundtrack/audio/music can be the difference between a video that gets lost in the shuffle and one that goes viral. This is because a perfect sound can set the tone, evoke emotions, and seamlessly blend with your visuals to create an impactful experience. So, what’s next? If you are unsure where to start, here are simple strategies to select the right sound for your TikTok video. 

 1. Know the Likes and Dislikes of Your Audience 

 Every TikTok user is different, and so are their favorites. Before you begin to select the right sound for your TikTok video, know the ins and outs of your audience. Consider what kind of music or sound effects your fan followers would like to enjoy such as classic tunes, trending sounds or pop music. When you understand your audience preferences, it can help you to choose sounds that resonate and keep them engaged. 

 Pro Tip: Make use of TikTok analytics to learn more about your audience’s demographics and preferences. 

 2. Leverage TikTok’s Trending Sounds 

 The algorithm of TikTok mostly favors video content that is blended with trending sounds. Moreover, it gives a better chance of appearing on the FYP (For You Page). So, keep an eye on the app’s Discover page or Sounds tab to see what is currently trending, and consider including those sounds into your upcoming videos. Next, use the search bar and explore trending hashtags to identify popular sounds. Additionally, have the habit of following popular creators in your niche and observing the sounds they use.  

Pro Tip: If you find a specific song or audio clip that is used by many creators and fits your theme as well, utilize it without fail. Furthermore, buy TikTok likes to boost engagement and get a chance to be featured or go viral organically. 

 3. Take Advantage of TikTok’s Music Library 

 The most interesting part of TikTok is that it has its own sound library. Here, you can find music and audio clips that belong to different genres and suit any video. You can browse through either by genre or content type or even search for specific tracks. This method is incredibly useful for finding unique sounds that effortlessly align with your content’s theme. 

Pro Tip: Whenever you come across a good sound, make sure to save favorite sounds to your ‘Favourites for accessing later easily. 

 4. Match the Sound to Your Video Content 

 No matter what kind of music you opt for, it should complement the visual content of your video. For instance, a humorous video might benefit from upbeat or quirky music, whereas a sentimental clip might need a softer or emotional soundtrack. So, depending on the concept, think about the mood you want to set and the message you want to convey through your audio. 

 Pro Tip: The sound you are about to add should enhance the content rather than overshadowing it. 

 5. Consider the Length/Duration of the Sound 

 Recently, the length of TikTok videos has been extended up to 10 minutes long. However, many successful TikTok videos are much shorter. So, decide your duration accordingly! Whatever the length you prefer, ensure the sound you choose fits within the duration of your video and doesn’t cut off awkwardly before the clip ends. You can use editing features such as trim to set the right length for your videos. 

Pro Tip: Keep your videos concise and engaging by using only the best part of the sound. It is highly recommended to check TikTok statistics and modify your TikTok video length accordingly. 

 6. Check Licensing and Usage Rights 

Some sounds might have restrictions or require permission to use, especially if you are using the video for commercial purposes. Be aware of it. Otherwise, go with TikTok sounds that are available to use for free. Anyway, it is important to confirm that you are not infringing on any copyrights. 

 Pro Tip: If in doubt, use sounds provided by TikTok to avoid any legal complications. 

 7.  Keep Experimenting and Evolving 

 Not one size fits all. Or there is not a single formula to select a sound for TikTok. So, don’t hesitate to experiment with different sounds. Sometimes, the sound you least expect can make your video more engaging. Therefore, try out different options and choose which one suits the most with your audience. 

 Pro Tip: Analyse the metrics at regular intervals to track how well your videos and audio are performing, and tweak the necessary changes often. 

 The Final Thoughts

Thus, these are the simple strategies that transform your sound selection process from a guessing game to a strategic method for crafting captivating TikTok videos. With a clear understanding of the importance of sound, explore the world of TikTok sounds and pick the perfect audio companion for your video.

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