Simple Tips to Maintain and Make Your TV Last Longer

Televisions are one of the most used electronics in the home and are incredibly reliable. They help you relax after a long day, make the kids smile, and are a good way to spend quality time with your loved ones. But the device is not invincible. It runs efficiently for years but still requires occasional maintenance and regular care to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. 

Televisions get dimmer the older they get, depending on the hours they are used. So, to ensure that your TV works perfectly fine even after years of use, implement the information below.

Top Tips for Protecting and Extending Your TV’s Lifespan

Below are some of the most effective tips for maintaining your TV and extending its lifespan. 

Keep the TV and its Surroundings Clean

One of the tips you can start with is dusting your TV area regularly since the screen can be damaged if dust is left on it every day. Be sure to use a microfibre cloth when dusting, as this helps clean out the sensitive LED TV screens softly. Do not use harsh cleaning solutions since they will permanently damage the screen. 

Switch Off the TV When Not Using

It’s not good for the TV to be constantly turned on. Its lifespan is reduced if you keep it turned on when not using it. Most televisions come with only one or two years’ warranty from the manufacturer. So, keeping the TV switched on, even when no one’s watching, may lead to frequent repairs and an increase in your electricity bill. 

Checking Cables for Bends or Kinks

Take care of the TV’s cables and take the time to check for any kinks or bends as you plug and unplug your television regularly. Your TV’s picture quality will be affected if the cables are broken, and that will cause more serious damage in the future. So, ensure that you only use the certified accessories for the television and not any generic adapters and cables. 

Use a High-Quality Surge Protection Device

Another way to protect your smart LED TV from electrical surges is to plug it into a high-quality surge protection device. Summer brownouts and thunderstorms commonly cause surges but are not the only causes. Energy hogs caused by any other device can also send a surge through the system, and having a protective device for your TV will prevent it from being affected.


Televisions can heat up with prolonged use, affecting their internal components. Ventilation around the device ensures no damage or wear and tear. It is advisable to keep the device at least 2-6 inches from the wall and create 4 inches of ventilation space on the sides. 



Televisions are a long-term investment since they are expected to be used for several years. Ensure you purchase a 65-inch smart TV with great picture and sound quality. A big screen delivers a better entertainment experience than any other, but you must also carefully maintain it over the long run. Check the television’s warranty to ensure its extended lifespan and will last you for years. 

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