Step-by-Step Process of Professional Piano Moving in Adelaide

Moving a piano is a delicate task that requires precision and expertise. In Adelaide, professional piano movers follow a meticulous process to ensure the safety and integrity of your instrument. Here’s a detailed guide on how they achieve this.

Assessment and Planning

The first step in moving a piano is a thorough assessment. Professionals evaluate the piano’s size, weight, and type. They also examine the layout of both the current and new locations. This assessment helps in planning the best route and methods for the move.

Preparing the Piano

Before moving, the piano needs proper preparation. To prevent damage, movers secure all moving parts, such as the lid and keyboard. They use specialized padding and blankets to protect the piano’s surface from scratches and dents.

Disassembly (If Necessary)

In some cases, partial disassembly of the piano is required. Professional movers carefully remove legs, pedals, and other detachable parts. Each piece is labelled and packed separately to ensure easy reassembly later.

Loading the Piano

Loading a piano onto the moving truck requires skill and the right equipment. Movers use a piano skid board, heavy-duty straps, and a dolly. They position the piano securely on the skid board, ensuring it is balanced. The piano is then carefully lifted and placed onto the dolly.

Transporting the Piano

Transporting the piano is a critical phase. Movers drive cautiously to avoid sudden stops or sharp turns. They ensure the piano is stable and secure throughout the journey. The truck often has climate control features to protect the piano from extreme temperatures.

Unloading and Reassembly

Upon arrival at the new location, the unloading process begins. Movers use the same careful techniques to unload the piano. They then reassemble any parts that were removed. The piano is placed in its new position with precision.

Tuning and Final Check

After the move, the piano may need tuning. The change in environment can affect its sound. Professional movers often provide or recommend tuning services. A final check ensures that the piano is in perfect condition.


Hiring professional piano movers in Adelaide ensures a smooth and safe relocation of your valuable instrument. Their expertise and systematic approach guarantee that your piano arrives in perfect condition. For a hassle-free moving experience, trust the experts.

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