Strip Poker: Rules You Should Must Know

Strippoker or SP is a fun way to add some naughty twist to the home games you are already playing. If you are not aware of what is Strip poker, this blog is for you. In this blog, not only we tell you about the meaning of SP but also how it is played, so without wasting time let’s get started to learn about the same. 

Strip Poker (SP) -What is it?

SP is a variant of Poker which includes players removing their clothes. The loser in hand has to follow the rules and remove a piece of clothing. This version of poker encourages risk, fun and humour and it is best when players gulp down some rum as SP replaces chips with clothing. In poker, the number of chips you have indicates your scores however in PS, the visibility of your chest hair determines your score. As important as a deck of cards and some poker chips are, having open-minded friends to play the game is equally important. 

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Playing Strip Poker in some simple and easy steps – 

We should now move to how to play strip poker as now you have a brief idea of the game and how it works. 

You should begin by making sure that all the members have the same number of chips and then you should allocate an item of clothing to each chip. When the rules and regulations are clear along with the format of the game, you should move ahead to the next step. 

This step is to shuffle and deal the card, when shuffling is done, you should deal each player with two cards each which they can see immediately. Then two bonus cards each which will have their face down and cannot be seen yet. 

The next step is dealing with a flop, following which the players will be given the option to change the bonus card if they want to. Once the cards are discarded the players cannot take the cards back. 

Deal with the rest of the communal board, The players can burn another card and deal one more card face up next to the flop card. Coming up next is the showdown, where the game begins and the player with the worst hand will lose a chip and along with the chip, the player will lose an item of clothing. In strip poker, the chips will be kept aside and will not be added to the stock of the winner. 

This entire process repeats itself until one player is out of life, clothing, chips, etc. We hope that the details about SP offered in this blog have been of help and beneficial enough for you to learn about the game and how it is played. 

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