Top Luxury Watches To Invest In

Investors have started looking at luxury watches as a great way to diversify their portfolios. From being just the fashion accessories to becoming an investment option, high end timepieces have come a long way. As an investor or watch collector, if you are planning to purchase a branded watch, it is recommended to first get a watch appraisal for insurance. 

Why You Need A Watch Appraisal For Insurance?

Watch appraisal is crucial to safeguard the value of your precious timepiece. When you get a watch appraisal for insurance, you can rest assured to easily get an insurance policy for your watch. 

An appraisal from a trustworthy company like Prestige Valuations will ensure that you are not underinsured. They also offer online jewelry valuation and handbag appraisal.

Which Watches Are Ideal For Investment?

We are mentioning below the luxury watches that are expected to rise in value over time.

Patek Philippe Nautilus

Patek Philippe Nautilus is one of the most sought after timepieces in the world. The timeless watch is considered a great option for investment. It was designed by Gerald Genta and is known for its impeccable craftsmanship and elegant design. It has the shape of a porthole on a transatlantic liner. At auctions, a rare model of Nautilus 5711 was sold at a whopping sum of $100,000 which was bought at around $24,000.

You can get a watch appraisal to know the market worth of your luxury timepiece. Apart from the watch collection if you have fine jewelry or a handbag collection, then go for online jewelry valuation and handbag appraisal respectively. 

Rolex Daytona

A highly sought after timepiece, Rolex Daytona has graced the wrists of legends like Paul Newman. The iconic watch was launched in 1963 and over time, it has become a great investment piece. Initially released for car racers, the iconic watch is known for its precision, timeless design and premium quality. 

With its dependable chronograph function, the watch is available in various materials such as stainless steel, gold and platinum. A rare model like Paul Newman can be sold at auctions at millions of dollars. The piece can appreciate around 250% in a few years, making it the right investment decision. 

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

The coveted timepiece Audemars Piguet Royal Oak was released in 1972. It is one of the most liked watches among collectors. The iconic sports watch was designed by Gerald Genta. The timeless design, impeccable craftsmanship and quality materials like platinum, gold and stainless steel raise Royal Oak’s demand. The watch features an octagonal bezel with noticeable screws and the iconic textured tapisserie dial make it unique and desirable. Limited edition models in excellent condition can fetch a whopping price in the secondary market. 

Omega Speedmaster

Omega Speedmaster was the first watch to reach space which makes it a collector’s piece. Astronaut Walter Schirra’s wore it on his wrist. The timeless watch was released in 1957 and featured a black dial with classy white Arabic numerals and hands. The timepiece had a scratch resistant sapphire crystal and manual winding chronograph movement held in a stainless steel case. 

Being associated with NASA’s Apollo missions, the watch is popular as the ‘Moonwatch’. One can expect around a 30% increase within a few years, making it a wise decision to invest in this iconic watch.

Cartier Tank

Cartier Tank is another iconic timepiece in the world of horology, it was launched in 1917. From Princess Diana to Jacqueline Kennedy, the timeless piece has been seen on the wrist of many celebrities. Its rectangular case design, bold Roman numerals and alluring blue sapphire cabochon crown lend it an aesthetic appeal. 

This investment worthy timepiece owned by Jacqueline Kennedy was sold at around $380,000. Being a renowned luxury brand and its association with celebrities make it desirable in the secondary market.

It is recommended to get a watch appraisal as soon as you purchase a high end watch. Apart from watches, diamond jewelry too needs an online jewelry valuation to ensure peace of mind.

Watch Appraisal for Insurance

Experts suggest that once you own a high end timepiece, better to get a watch appraisal for insurance soon. It will make purchasing an insurance policy for your valuable easy. It will ensure that the value of your coveted watch is safeguarded.    

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