Unlocking Savings with the Honey App: A Comprehensive Guide


In today’s digital age, online shopping has become a cornerstone of convenience and efficiency. However, with the myriad of e-commerce platforms and fluctuating prices, finding the best deals can be daunting. Enter the Honey app savings, a popular browser extension designed to save shoppers money effortlessly. This article delves into how Honey works, its key features, and tips for maximizing your savings.

What is the Honey App?

The Honey app is a free browser extension available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Edge. Launched in 2012 and acquired by PayPal in 2020, Honey automatically searches for and applies coupon codes at checkout for over 30,000 online stores. It also provides price tracking and alerts, helping users make informed purchasing decisions.

How Does Honey Work?

  1. Installation: Installing Honey is straightforward. Visit the Honey website or your browser’s extension store, download, and add it to your browser. Once installed, Honey’s icon will appear in your browser toolbar.

  2. Coupon Code Search: When shopping online, Honey scans the internet for available coupon codes for the site you’re visiting. At checkout, a drop-down box appears, offering to apply any valid codes automatically. In seconds, Honey tests multiple codes and applies the one that saves you the most money.

  3. Honey Gold: Users earn Honey Gold, a rewards program, for purchases made through participating retailers. Accumulated Honey Gold points can be redeemed for gift cards to popular stores such as Amazon, Walmart, and Target.

  4. Price Tracking: Honey’s “Droplist” feature allows users to track prices on specific items. Add an item to your Droplist, and Honey will notify you when the price drops below your desired amount.

Key Features

  1. Automatic Coupon Application: Honey’s core function saves users time and effort by automatically searching for and applying the best coupon codes at checkout.

  2. Price Comparison: Honey’s “Best Price” feature ensures you get the best deal by comparing prices from various sellers, including shipping costs.

  3. Honey Gold Rewards: Earn points with every purchase that can be redeemed for gift cards, adding an extra layer of savings.

  4. Droplist Alerts: Track items and receive notifications on price drops, allowing you to purchase at the optimal time.

  5. Amazon Price History: Honey provides price history charts for items on Amazon, helping users determine if they’re getting a good deal based on past price trends.

Tips for Maximizing Savings with Honey

  1. Regularly Check the Droplist: Add desired items to your Droplist and keep an eye on price changes. This ensures you never miss a good deal.

  2. Combine Savings: Use Honey alongside other cashback sites or loyalty programs for additional savings.

  3. Stay Updated: Enable notifications to receive the latest updates on price drops and exclusive offers.

  4. Refer Friends: Honey often runs referral programs where you can earn extra Honey Gold or other rewards by inviting friends to join.

  5. Use Multiple Browsers: Install Honey on all your browsers to ensure you never miss a deal, regardless of which browser you use.


The Honey app is an invaluable tool for online shoppers looking to maximize their savings with minimal effort. Its automatic coupon application, price tracking, and rewards program simplify the process of finding the best deals. By leveraging Honey’s features and following a few savvy shopping tips, users can significantly reduce their online shopping expenses. Whether you’re a frequent online shopper or just looking to save on occasional purchases, Honey is a must-have extension for your browser.

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