What Does a Locksmith Do?


Locksmiths are professionals who install, repair, or replace locks for companies or individuals. Locksmiths often need manual dexterity as well as knowledge of public safety and security practices as well as great customer service skills for this work.

An experienced Schlüsseldienst München can be invaluable when you find yourself locked out of your home, car, or office. Plus they can offer guidance and advice to enhance security measures in place.


Being locked out of your house or vehicle can be one of the most annoying experiences ever, but there are ways to prevent this from happening – for instance storing extra keys safely and using modern security solutions can help. Also taking these steps may allow you to pinpoint what caused the lockout – perhaps something simple such as forgetting keys or malfunctioning lock mechanisms could have led to it.

Employers during a lockout are only allowed to hire temporary workers and must refrain from engaging in unfair labor practices such as withholding information the union should have access to or hiring permanent striker replacements. Furthermore, they must allow union employees back onto the job when the lockout ends.

Make sure your company’s lockout tagout procedures are documented, including policies, procedures, inspections, training sessions, and reports. This will allow your industry’s regulatory body to enforce regulations set forth. Your company should use group lockout boxes where the keys to energy sources can be stored securely – each worker should then place their key onto the box to seal it shut; additionally, a tag should identify both types of energy being controlled as well as the date it was locked out.


Rekeying locks is an effective way to ensure the security of your new home. As it’s impossible to know who the previous homeowners may have given spare keys to – be it family, friends, the dog walker, house cleaner etc – it is crucial that as soon as you move into your new house it gets rekeyed immediately.

Rekeying locks involves altering the pins within a lock cylinder to render all previous keys useless for opening it again, providing greater peace of mind at a reduced cost than the replacement of all locks at once. Rekeying is often cheaper than buying all-new ones and still provides increased security.

Rekeying a lock is relatively straightforward, although you will require several tools. A rekeying kit (sometimes referred to as a “pinning kit”), screwdriver, and pliers will all come in handy; instructions provided with your kit will cover how to detach the lock from its mounting plate and insert new pins into its lock cylinder before reassembling and testing with your new key – hopefully opening your new door will now be possible with your newly rekeyed lock!


Locks are mechanical devices used to secure something so it can only be opened by someone with the key. Locks are common in homes, apartments, and cars and play an increasingly crucial role in business security by protecting sensitive information, assets, and data from being unauthorized accessed by unintended third parties.

Metalworkers of the Middle Ages employed great skill and craftsmanship when creating intricate locks featuring elaborate warding that was almost works of art. Samuel Bramah introduced more practical and reliable locks known as pin tumbler locks that utilized a system with holes in a door and an assembly that dropped upright pins when keys were inserted, known as pin tumbler locks.

Locks are mechanical devices, and to keep working efficiently they require some form of care and maintenance. Slamming doors or forcing keys may damage their mechanisms and increase their likelihood of failing, as well as keeping rust and dirt at bay; should one become slow, spraying lubricant specifically designed for locks can often restore its operation.

Panic exit devices

Protecting employees and customers during daily business operations is of utmost importance, and one key way of doing this is having the appropriate hardware for emergency exit points, commonly referred to as panic mechanisms. Such devices should be easy to use during an emergency.

Panic bars are spring-loaded metal bars installed horizontally on outward-opening doors that, when depressed, activate when activated. Panic bars are required by code in public spaces where access must be easily managed in case of fire or natural disaster; their presence eliminates stampede-crushing hazards as well as shortens exit times by eliminating manual unlocking or searching time requirements for individuals leaving buildings.

There are various commercial panic bars, including rim, crossbar, and push-pad models. Rim panic bars attach directly to a door frame’s lock stile (the vertical part that holds the latch) for use with double doors with mullions; their strong construction makes them popular choices in restaurants and bars alike. Many also come equipped with dogging features allowing users to mechanically hold back the latch for increased durability.

Keyless entry

Keeping a keyless entry car inside of a garage overnight will increase its distance from potential thieves who could intercept and amplify its signal from its key fob. Your MLA master Schlüsselnotdienst München can also advise on additional ways to enhance outdoor security measures like installing CCTV and motion detector lighting systems.

Keyless entry works by transmitting a radio signal from your vehicle to a key fob, which then relays it directly to the door locks and recognizes the code to unlock or lock them as required by your vehicle. This eliminates the need to carry around keys that could easily become lost or stolen.

Rolling codes (code hopping) provide strong wireless security for keyless entry systems, but their protection can still be compromised by replay attacks [79]. Replay attacks work by recording a remote control transmission and then replaying it later – giving an attacker access to protected vehicles and buildings. Keeloq Cipher was developed specifically to address this threat, and many car, building, and home lock manufacturers use it today.


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